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Rocco Studios Muskelaufbau Training Hamburg
Rocco Studios Muskelaufbau Training Hamburg

Our second boutique studio in Hafencity is ultra-modern and features a spacious 7m ceiling height, creating an airy and open atmosphere. The view of the idyllic green courtyard, with direct access, provides the perfect contrasting setting. Studio 2 boasts “the largest collection of Keiser pneumatic machines in one place” in Hamburg, making it ideal for your fitness and pain therapy needs. To add an extra touch of wellness, we offer a Vitamin D tanning studio and lounge massage chairs to help you unwind after your workout. In this studio, we also provide private parking spaces in the underground garage, along with exclusive indoor access to the facility.


Massage therapy

Massage chairs

Relax after your intense training and enjoy the soothing benefits of our ASISAM massage chairs, free of charge. Give your body the well-deserved regeneration it needs and experience pure relaxation right here with us. Maximum well-being and fitness combined – welcome to Rocco Hafencity!

vitamin d sonnenstudio solarium lichttherapie
Light therapy

Boost your Vitamin D

Vitamin D Booster

In our tanning studio in Hafencity, you can enjoy the sun in its best form! High-performance LEDs set new standards in UV technology: Unwanted infrared rays are avoided, and only the desired wavelengths for gentle tanning are used. Blue UVA LEDs ensure an even and instantly visible tan. Red beauty LEDs nourish the skin during tanning. And yellow UVB specialty lamps help build vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for a functioning metabolism and uplifts your mood.

Genieße Sonne in Bestform und fühle Dich dabei sicher: Hochleistungs-LEDs vermeiden ungewollte Infrarotstrahlen und setzen nur die bei der sanften Besonnung gewünschten Wellenlängen ein. Du bekommst eine gleichmäßige Bräune, pflegst Deine Haut und baust Vitamin D auf. Vitamin D ist wichtig für Deinen funktionierenden Stoffwechsel und hebt Deine Stimmung.