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Personal Training in Hamburg center


Personal Training Studio in der Altstadt
Personal Training Studio in der Altstadt

Personal Training, as it should be

Our boutique studio in the Old Town is perfect if you prefer undisturbed training. Here, we exclusively offer personal training with no regular fitness studio operations. Situated near the venerable Nikolaikirche and overlooking the historic Nikolaifleet, you’ll be surrounded by Hamburg’s rich history. Affectionately referred to as “The Bronx,” the studio’s style harks back to the old backyard studios of yesteryear. Equipped with high-quality professional equipment for strength training, cardio, and relaxation, our studio ensures a top-notch workout experience. The BOSE sound system provides the perfect beats and bass. After your training session, you can enjoy our private shower room featuring a rain shower and toilet facilities. We also offer a towel and beverage service for your convenience.

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