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On average, personal training in Hamburg costs between 85 and 150 EUR per hour. Prices vary depending on the range of services and the trainer’s experience, expertise, and reputation, as well as the location of the training. At Rocco Studios, prices start at 70 EUR per session for Physio Stretching & Massage (only) and 100 EUR per session for Premium Personal Training (all-inclusive).

A typical personal training session includes one-on-one training with a personal trainer for a specific duration (e.g., 1 hour). It can focus solely on strength training, endurance training, mobility training, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), yoga, or a combination of these.

At Rocco Studios, you can expect a premium sports and health concept that combines personal training, physiotherapy, and wellness elements, following a holistic approach.

Personal training is always worthwhile, especially for beginners and active athletes. It motivates and pushes you forward in your training, sometimes even beyond your limits, which can be beneficial. A qualified personal trainer ensures your overall well-being and correct exercise execution. They also provide holistic guidance on topics such as nutrition, recovery, mindset, and help you fully focus on your training.

At Rocco Studios, we begin with an initial assessment, where we gather your health history, discuss your goals, and work together to create your personalized fitness, physiotherapy, and wellness plan. We adopt a holistic approach from the start and provide one-on-one guidance throughout your journey.

Yes, according to the current regulations of the Hamburg Senate.

Very well. At Rocco Studios, we have successfully alleviated many complaints such as shoulder issues, knee problems, and back pain (as seen in our Google reviews). We also provide training for rheumatism patients.

At Rocco Studios, we use high-quality equipment from reputable brands that are approved for use in both physiotherapy and high-performance sports. Some of the brands we carry include KEISER, THERABODY/THERAGUN PRO, Gym80, Lifefitness, Cybex, megasun, and Asisam.

Yes! Personal training is highly beneficial for beginners. It is especially important for beginners to learn proper form and technique. A qualified personal trainer can provide valuable guidance and teach you about your body and overall health, enabling you to have a better understanding of yourself.

At Rocco Studios, we prioritize one-on-one customer support to ensure you feel supported and safe throughout your training journey.

Yes, generally speaking, personal training can be suitable for children. However, group training, especially in smaller groups, can also be beneficial for children. It is important to consider the child’s age and start with a more playful approach. At Rocco Studios, some parents also participate in training sessions with their children, which can create a positive and supportive environment.

Yes! For muscle building, it is important to train specifically, meaning regularly, long-term, and tailored to you and your body. A well-designed training plan is crucial. Your nutrition also plays a significant role in this process.

Yes! Exercise is generally beneficial and healthy for both the mother and the baby during pregnancy. However, pregnant women should pay specific attention to the type and intensity of exercise they engage in. Personal training can be valuable in providing guidance and ensuring safe and appropriate workouts. At Rocco Studios, we also recommend targeted post-pregnancy strength training to aid in recovery.

Yes! In the case of pain, including back pain, the root cause is often not directly at the site of pain. A skilled personal trainer knows how to address the underlying issues to alleviate pain.

Yes! The knee is a complex joint surrounded by various muscles and tendon structures. It is essential, like any joint, to train it specifically and, most importantly, comprehensively (360-degree training) to maintain a balanced force distribution around the joint and prevent imbalances. A good personal trainer pays attention to you and your body during training sessions.

Yes! A good personal trainer can provide you with targeted relaxation and strengthening exercises for the shoulders and neck.

Our personal training studio 1, located in the Old Town, is just a few minutes away from the Schanze area. Therefore, we have many clients who reside in the Schanze and train with us.

It’s only a few minutes away from both of our personal training studios to reach St. Georg.

Our Studio 1 in the Old Town is conveniently located for our clients from Altona who are interested in personal training.

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